Does Your Child
Struggle with Attention?

Parents with children who suffer with attention deficiencies understand the constant struggles with behavior, impulse control, and academic performance. That’s why we invented THYNK. Using the power of real-time biofeedback, THYNK is clinically-proven to improve focus and attention – all through the use of gaming.

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Our Children
Have Fallen Behind

The sad reality is that there is an increasing trend in children with stunted focus and attention development. This increase has caused greater reported cases of behavioral misconduct, as well as decreased academic performance. With the technology found in THYNK, we make reversal of these patterns possible.

The game is designed to challenge children's cognitive abilities and offer them a safe and fun environment to practice and enhance these skills. With regular use, children can improve their focused attention, manage their impulses, and develop their self-regulation skills, all of which are important for academic success and personal growth.

The Solution is THYNK

Introducing THYNK

Helping Your Child Beat the Odds

THYNK, winner of the Oracle Health Innovation Award, is a digital therapeutic platform focused on retraining the brain. Having undergone a rigorous series of eight clinical trials, THYNK successfully demonstrated both safety and efficacy in 13 key cognitive skills, offering your child the opportunity to experience focus like never before. Our revolutionary technology includes the use of our patented EEG headset (our brain-computer interface) which, using real-time biofeedback, interacts with our groundbreaking video game, Skylar’s Run.

Using feedback from your child’s brainwaves, Skylar’s Run adapts to your child’s skill level – matching skill with challenge. No more frustration; no more boredom. By finding the perfect balance between skill and challenge, your child’s brain begins to understand what focus feels like, maintaining an optimal “sweet spot” for that flow state functioning.

In clinical trials, this combination led to improved performance in children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The benefits showed similar efficacy to multiple pharmaceuticals, yet added the benefit of sustained effects which lasted for months.

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Having undergone a rigorous series of eight clinical trials, THYNK successfully demonstrated both safety and efficacy in 13 key cognitive skills, offering your child the opportunity to experience focus like never before – perhaps ever before.


  • Focused Attention

  • Sustained Attention

  • Selective Attention

  • Alternating Attention

  • Divided Attention

  • Inhibition-Based Skills

  • Cognitive Inhibition

  • Behavioral Inhibition

  • Motivational Inhibition

  • Interference Control

  • Novelty Inhibition

  • Inner Voice

  • Delayed Gratification

  • Self-Regulation

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The future of improving focus.

Skylar’s Run provides children a fun yet challenging space to help players grow 13 key cognitive skills governing focus and attention! The goal of the game is for the player to hone these skills while advancing through different levels including infinite runners, item collection, puzzle matching, and more. The difficulty adjusts dynamically as the player progresses in any given level so it is never too hard or too easy but at just the right balance between both. Playable on smartphone and tablet.

The last piece of technology the player will need to play the game is the EEG headset which is provided along with SKYLAR’S RUN.

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Biofeedback Headset

The Future of Improving Focus

The EEG (Electroencephalogram) headset is a key component of THYNK's innovative solution. Our headset reads the player's brainwaves an average of 10 times per second to measure attention and focus. This real-time monitoring establishes an active feedback loops allowing the system to adapt dynamically to the user's cognitive state during gameplay and enhance the overall gaming experience. It connects seamlessly to smartphones or tablets to synchronizes with THYNK's video game component, such as SKYLAR'S RUN, to create an immersive and effective cognitive training experience for users, including children, young adults, professionals, and clinical patients.



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