The Parents

Every day, thousands of parents are given the diagnosis that their child suffers with ADHD. It comes as no surprise, however, as the symptoms are typically obvious.

Daily, these parents find themselves:
Parents often struggle with their child’s difficulty in maintaining focus and attention, both at school and at home. This can lead to academic challenges and frustration for both the child and the parent.
Many parents witness their child falling behind in school due to challenges in organizing tasks, completing assignments, and managing time effectively. This can be a source of stress and concern for parents.
ADHD can manifest in impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and difficulty in self-control. Parents may find it challenging to manage these behaviors and may worry about how it affects their child’s social interactions.
Parents often seek alternative educational solutions as traditional methods may not effectively cater to their child’s unique learning style. They may be frustrated with a lack of resources that specifically address ADHD-related challenges.
Witnessing their child struggle can take an emotional toll on parents. They may feel a mix of worry, guilt, and frustration, wanting the best for their child but unsure of how to navigate the challenges associated with ADHD.
Parents may yearn for a supportive community and resources that understand the intricacies of parenting a child with ADHD. Connecting with others who share similar experiences can be immensely valuable.
Parents want their children to enjoy the learning process. They seek solutions that not only address academic challenges but also make the learning journey enjoyable for their child.

We Knew There Had to Be a Better Way

At THYNK, we are dedicated to improving mental focus and cognitive skills through innovative technology and engaging video game-based training. Our mission is to empower individuals, particularly children, with the tools they need to enhance their attention, impulse control, and self-regulation.

The THYNK EEG Headset

With the support of the Thynk Better EEG headset, our programs have been validated through eight successful clinical studies involving over 300 users. The headset provides a feed-forward approach, a brain-computer interface (BCI) which reads your child’s brainwaves, understanding the active areas of the brain during play. Heightened attention centers in the brain indicate greater focus.

The future of improving focus.

Skylar’s Run provides children a fun yet challenging space to help players grow 13 key cognitive skills governing focus and attention! The goal of the game is for the player to hone these skills while advancing through different levels including infinite runners, item collection, puzzle matching, and more. The difficulty adjusts dynamically as the player progresses in any given level so it is never too hard or too easy but at just the right balance between both. Playable on smartphone and tablet.

The last piece of technology the player will need to play the game is the EEG headset which is provided along with SKYLAR’S RUN.

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Clinically Tested and Proven Effective

Our therapeutic curriculum consists of 13 personalized cognitive skills, designed to improve attention, inhibition, and self-regulatory control. Each mission within Skylar’s Run is carefully crafted to develop and master these skills through interactive play. By repeatedly challenging and expanding these cognitive abilities, children can enhance their ability to focus, manage impulses, and regulate themselves effectively, leading to success in school, home, and social settings.

The effectiveness of our programs is backed by extensive scientific research. We have conducted eight clinical studies involving 337 children with ADHD, with the majority being randomized controlled trials. Our treatments have demonstrated significant improvements in attention, academic achievement, and behavior, as measured by the ADHD Rating Scale.

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