Meet the team behind

Steve Gullans, Ph.D.

Steve is an experienced entrepreneur, scientist, investor, advisor and author who focuses on transformational technologies that can improve people’s lives everywhere. His background ranges from academic scientist at Harvard Medical School to founder of startups, board director for many life science enterprises, and CEO of a public biotech company. Steve co-authored “Evolving Ourselves” which describes the role of life science technologies in our future. He has spoken broadly including at TED and TEDx and, for the past half-dozen years, he has focused on brain monitoring/training technologies which led to his co-founding THYNK.

Christopher Tracy

Christopher Tracy has over 20 years of experience as an executive, founder and investor. He is the owner of CLT Holdings. The company owns and invests in multiple businesses in technology, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, real estate and sports marketing.

Barry Herman, M.D.

Barry is a co-founder of THYNK, a Stanford-trained child psychiatrist, an entrepreneur, innovator, and physician leader at the intersection of science and technology. With clinical expertise in adult and child psychiatry, and a 25-year career in industry, he has made significant contributions to the field. As an accomplished author and speaker, Barry has been widely cited in the media and is the recipient of numerous awards. With a keen focus on innovation and a commitment to improving lives, Barry continues to drive forward the field of mental healthcare in our digital world and beyond.

Jennifer Gentile, Psy.D.

Jennifer is a thought leader and mental healthcare innovator with more than 10 years of experience in telehealth and digital health and is committed to improving access and quality in mental healthcare. In her most recent role as SVP, Clinical Innovation at ieso, a digital mental healthcare company, she collaborated with clinical and academic researchers to improve access, outcomes, and engagement in mental healthcare. As a practicing clinical psychologist since 2008 at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Jennifer maintains a deep understanding of the urgent needs for effective mental healthcare. Jennifer led the clinical efforts to found Amwell’s 50 state teletherapy offering.

Maya Rose, Ph.D.

Maya is the Director of Research and Development at THYNK. She has expertise in designing and assessing brain-controlled video games in clinical, school and home-based studies in over 200 children. Maya holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center with a specialization in learning, development, and instruction. For her dissertation, she employed EEG technology to understand the best ways of studying a new language and explore changes in linguistic processing capabilities in second language learners.

Shane Robinett

From Eagle Scout to the Air Force, Father of 7 to CEO - Shane has over 25 years experience leading large-scale strategic initiatives, product development, and software development within Banking, Gaming, Digital Media and Internet Industries. Having served as chief architect, CTO, COO, and CEO at various successful startups, Shane is experienced and successful in both global companies and startup environments.