THYNK is a company that develops tools to help children improve their focus, attention, and self-regulation skills. The main product is Skylar's Run, an adventure game that uses EEG technology to provide real-time feedback on a child's cognitive state.

Skylar's Run is a video game that children play while wearing an EEG headset that uses Feed-Forward Modeling. The headset measures the child's brain waves and sends this information to the game, which adjusts the difficulty based on the child's ability to focus. As the child plays, they learn to control their attention and impulses, which can help them improve these skills in real-life situations.

Yes. Feed-Forward Modeling (FFM) helps develop cognitive skills that enable proactive control of attention, inhibition and self-regulation resulting in significantly improved and sustained executive functions. FFM illustrates a direct desired action of behHeadsetior to a “reachable goal” whereas neurofeedback (FB) uses past performance as a guide to change behHeadsetior.
FFM measures the subject’s instant and precise (neural markers of attention circuits) attention level to correlate their optimized attention state to increased performance. FB uses a subject’s average of all brain activity and compares it to a sample population of “normal brain activity”. Most significantly, FFM targets personal dysfunctions, develops, measures, and validates performance of each of the 13 cognitive skills of attention, inhibition, and self-regulation control. FB targets a small set of dysfunctions regardless of skill development. FFM motivates early recognition and the prevention of losing attention, a primary symptom of children with ADHD.

All children benefit from the ability to arouse and regulate attention, inhibition and self-regulation to organize and achieve goals. Skylar’s Run is a novel digital therapeutic device embodied as a captivating adventure role-playing game for the treatment of ADHD in children.

Three dry sensors located along the forehead and the bony bump behind the right ear (the mastoid) detect targeted electrical signals created in a child’s brain that are associated with attention levels. Electrical signals are amplified, converted to a digital format, and communicated via your BlueTooth® enabled mobile device to Thynk’s servers. Proprietary algorithms on our servers then remove signal noise and convert these signals into a precise and personalized measurement of attention every 1/10th of a second. Essentially, a personalized cognitive signature of signals that equate to a state of attention scaled from 0-100% of the subject’s attention levels. The higher the attention level the faster the player/Skylar moves through the adventure story.

Yes. Your child can replay any mission that they have already completed. Although it is not required, your child can replay a mission to earn more stars and special achievements, or to collect enough crystals to access locked content.

The Headset employs an expandable headband design coupled with an adjustable strap to ensure that the Headset will fit most children. Thynk’s Customer Service should be contacted to resolve any fitment matters.

The Headset fits on the head like a visor. It should be positioned so that the top sensor band is high on the forehead and the ear pads are touching the skin behind the ears. Hair must be swept away from the sensors to ensure detection of clear brainwave signals. Once positioned, push the front and sides of the headset toward each other for a snug fit, but not too tight. Tighten or loosen the adjustment band so that the fit is firm but comfortable.

If the Headset is not charged, connected, or positioned properly, the game software will pause the game, alert the player, and provide instructions for resolving the issue. If your child consistently feels that the Headset is not responding to his or her level of attention, your child may need to create a new personalized attention profile. The calibration activities used to create this profile are seamlessly integrated into the first mission of the game. Repeating the first mission and carefully following the instructions should ensure the best experience.

For regular use, wipe the headset with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Moisten the cloth with a small amount of water if necessary. A sample of antiseptic wipes are provided with the Headset.

No. The Headset must not be used in or near water.

No, the attention training would not be as effective without the EEG “feed-forward” technology enabled by the Headset.

Skylar’s Run was designed for children at all levels of gaming experience. Mentor and peer leader characters will guide your child through the challenges of the game with verbal instructions and encouragement.