How Does

How Does Skylar’s Run and the EEG Headset Work?

By integrating an electroencephalographic (EEG) headset, Skylar’s Run measures and adapts to the child’s attention levels, directly influencing the game’s outcome.

Our cutting-edge technology monitors your child’s attention level in real time, measuring it every 1/10th of a minute. This data guides Skylar, our avatar, through thrilling adventures. The longer your child remains focused and actively engages in our stimulating activities during each challenge, the more they strengthen the 13 essential cognitive skills crucial for success in school, home, and social settings. They will use their attention to control Skylar’s running speed and success within each adventure mission.

Skylar’s Run Uses Advanced Feed Forward Technology

Higher Attention Score and Skylar Runs Faster! Dynamically adapts to each individual’s ability and progress.

Individualized Measurement For Top Results

Brain centers of focus and attention are active when attention score is high

Unfocused, mind wandering reveals low attention score and inactive brain attention centers

Why a Video Game?

Video games are a powerful medium of learning because children most naturally learn through play. They are fun and intrinsically motivate the child to excel and master new skills without external pressure or the need for external rewards. Video games also challenge the player just above their ability level in real-time, promoting interest and continued playing of the game while decreasing the likelihood of frustration in more traditional learning environments.

Reductions in ADHD Symptom Severity with
Treatment Which Is Sustained for Months*

*The sustainability of responses measured in only 4 of the studies